What is The Impact of Enterprise Data Loss? Why Do You Need Safe and Reliable Software?
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What is The Impact of Enterprise Data Loss? Why Do You Need Safe and Reliable Software?

What is The Impact of Enterprise Data Loss? Why Do You Need Safe and Reliable Software?

Have you ever suffered a major data loss in a network attack? Why was the data lost? What are the implications of losing data?

Let us first look at why our data is lost. From some data, the main reasons for data loss in businesses are the following:

  • 78% – hardware or system failure
  • 11% – human error
  • 7% – software damage or program failure
  • 2% – computer virus
  • 1% – natural disasters
  • 1% – other behaviors

The loss of key data means losses for companies. Some studies show that companies worldwide lose up to $1.7 trillion due to data loss and downtime. This does not include the interruption of business activities, decrease in productivity, decrease in customer loyalty, decrease in investor confidence, time cost of reconfiguration, etc. With the introduction of new technologies, large companies and organizations have invested in network security practices to protect their business data. However, small businesses spend less or no money to protect their data.

With data breaches becoming more common, businesses have no choice but to invest in the right hardware and secure software. Preventing data loss will certainly keep the company out of trouble. Even if not all practices work 100%, they will mitigate the negative effects of data loss.

Train staff

Employees can become the biggest vulnerability in an organisation. Many data breaches are caused by employees’ lack of awareness about data security. Therefore, it is necessary in small and medium-sized businesses to strengthen the training of all employees.

Choose safe and reliable software

Security and reliability can be called the cornerstones of enterprise development. Secure and stable software not only improves the utility, but also is an important link for the secure and stable development of enterprises. This is related to the sustainable and healthy development of enterprise data. Therefore, security and stability are also the most important factors in the selection of software.

Back up data regularly

With a data backup, the company can stay one step ahead of a data loss. Regular data backups should be part of a company’s daily routine. This is the most cost-effective way to recover data in the event of a data loss, disaster, or power outage. Use multiple backup systems to ensure data security. Back up data to the cloud, to a portable device, to a local hard drive, etc. Also, check regularly that backup data is complete and can be restored if needed.

For businesses, instead of spending money and time on recovering data after a data loss, it is better to invest in data security and strengthen data security prevention from now on. Purchasing regular hardware, regular monitoring and testing, training employees’ data security awareness, selecting secure and stable software and regular data backup can effectively reduce the damage caused by data loss, prevent the accident, play a leading role and promote the safe and stable development of the enterprise.

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