Job Crisis of Skilled Labor in Major Economies
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Job Crisis of Skilled Labor in Major Economies

Job Crisis of Skilled Labor in Major Economies

Job crisis or unemployment is referred to as one of the biggest challenges of developing countries, but this is not exactly the case. Unemployment is a rampant issue in the Magento eCommerce developed countries or major economies as well. This may sound a bit depressing but it is indeed the reality of the present world. A lot of skilled candidates are also finding it tough to find the right jobs, even in the big or renowned economies. This is a tough situation to deal with, but in order to rectify it, one has to get to the core of the problem first.

The possible reasons leading to the high unemployment rate of the skilled labor:

A huge difference between educated and skilled candidates!

Education is indeed very important for every individual. And, any country that wishes to grow should definitely focus on the education of the nationals. Education should be the prime focus, but is education enough?

Merely getting a degree or an educational certificate is not enough to get a job. Rather, the focus has to be on learning and gaining the required skills to find a perfect job. So basically,

There is where the gap lies!

Skill enhancement is more important than degrees

Educational qualifications and degrees do play a major role but at the same time. The significance of gaining knowledge and enhancing the skillset is what matters the most. In fact, the basis of education is to ensure that the students gain knowledge and learning. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that the whole purpose of education is to make the students skilled. The learning which is imparted while studying is aimed to help the students get enough knowledge about their field. As, at the end of the day, knowledge and skill will only help them build a career in any field. Therefore, the education systems and procedures have to be more practical rather than only theoretical. Also, the key focus of the educational institutes would be to make sure that the students are skilled enough to get a job.

Employers or recruiters are not able to figure out what to look for in a candidate 

We know that several people are instantly looking for jobs, but still, we also see so many job openings. Sometimes, we often even see a host of vacancies being reposted again and again. Also, many times, the recruiters take a lot of time in finding the right candidate. All this is pretty disappointing. As, this is an era, where the unemployment rates us growing higher and higher. And, if there are vacancies, then they should be filled immediately, as there are a huge number of skilled candidates who are looking for various different types of jobs.

Therefore, the first priority of the recruiter or the hiring managers should be to make sure that the candidate has the right skill set and knowledge about the area of function. Apart from that, the right attitude is also important to get a job. That’s it! If you have found a skilled candidate with the right attitude, then the recruiter tries his or her best to finalize him or her.

Are businesses finding it difficult to find skilled workers?

The unemployment rate is soaring, and this means that there are tons of people who are looking for jobs. Still, at times, businesses find it difficult to get the right candidate. In this case, the best that you can do is, immediately find a candidate who has the required skills. You always have the option to train them to become better and better. As, if you will not onboard a candidate at the right time, then there are chances that you will lose out on business. And, this not only hampers the finances of the company but in a long run, it may even hamper the economy of the country.

Unemployment is a major concern for many countries. And, when the skilled workforce is unemployed, then the situation becomes even worse. Therefore, countries have to find out ways to first, improve the skill set of the people and second to help them get the right job!

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