Drive Through the Journey of Success with Automotive ERP Software
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Drive Through the Journey of Success with Automotive ERP Software

Drive Through the Journey of Success with Automotive ERP Software

Automotive Industry Challenges Demanding the Need for an ERP

Automotive Industry is the blend of paper work while maintaining a consistent up-gradation in the manufacturing unit of the spare parts and other automotive accessories. Automotive industry faces real challenges while maintaining a balance between customers’ demands for new models in the automotives and short manufacturing cycles. Unlike other manufacturing units, automotive spare parts take quite a lot of time to get prepared and get ready to be sold in the market. This is because they go through many quality checks to ensure the robustness and durability of the final outcome. Plus the experts had to keep up with the regulatory and safety concerns too before bringing the products in the market. Thus all this happens manually and the manufacturing cycle becomes short.

Plus the growing pressure to gain a competitive edge keeps the leaders on their toes throughout the year and poses more challenges.

Considering the whole scenario in the automotive industry, adopting an ERP becomes the need of the hour. The industry demands an ERP that is capable of handling the unique challenges of the automotive industry and could keep up with the changing regulations and trends in the market. SAP Business One is one such Automotive ERP software, capable of managing both manufacturing of automotive spare parts units and automating the mundane desk work.

Let’s take a deeper look at the SAP Business One ERP Modules that are specially designed to cater to the automotive industry.

Managing Automotive Business Made Easy with SAP Business One

  • Optimize Material Resource Planning (MRP): Know the comprehensive stock and inventory information with MRP features in multiple locations on the go.
  • Master the Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS): Efficiently plan the manufacturing processes, bills of material, batch production, material allocations, etc. absolutely on time with on schedule alerts of the robust automotive ERP software
  • Trace the Real-time Actions on Batches: Avoid overstock and understock situations with birds’ eye view on batch control activities. Track all the batches at multiple locations and monitor their movement if ready/in process of production/ sold… with this feature.
  • Efficiently manage your Workplace with Human Resource Management: Eliminate the monitoring of the administrative department and devote time on encouraging your employees to do more with Human Resource Management features. It streamlines your administrative activities and empowers you to do more by working less.
  • Invite more Business with Customer Relationship Management: Keep a track of your loyal customers with this feature and follow up with them to offer more services and find the hidden opportunities.
  • Accomplish on-time Deliveries with Order Management: Completely avoid late delivery options with scheduled order alerts. Plus leverage the benefit of having a centralized platform to manage all activities related to pending/overdue/due order.
  •  Get rid of Faulty Entries with Account Management: Ensure reliable data entries account and finance management with SAP B1. Pre-approved transactions make even GST filing a super easy task.
  • Define Optimum Working Hours with Labor Capacity Management: Make sure you don’t overburden your labors with long working hours or vice-versa. Define an optimum working culture yet maintaining the performance and outcome of each resource with Labor Capacity Management.

There’s a lot more to discuss about the unprecedented insights SAP Business One is capable of rendering to the Automotive industry. Hence proved, SAP Business One Automotive ERP Software is the best-fit solution to seamlessly drive your automotive business through the journey of success. 

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