Know who is The Best eCommerce Software Vendor to Create an eCommerce Software Free
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Know who is The Best eCommerce Software Vendor to Create an eCommerce Software Free

Know who is The Best eCommerce Software Vendor to Create an eCommerce Software Free

There are many eCommerce software vendors providing closed and open source solutions for the eCommerce store owners to use and create eCommerce software free or at some minimal cost. Solutions which are closed source are generally created for use by enterprises which are ready to pay heavily. Such companies don’t have access to modify such extensions/plugins in order to make customizations. They completely become dependent on the solution providers to create addons, upgrade and install the upgrades at a regular interval. The open-source solution providers are bothered about not only someone’s individual requirement but also provide leverage to the developers across the entire development community to add their personal code to the available source code in order to get customization done. Moreover, the developers get their custom plugins readily available for the eCommerce owners to use as when required by paying minimal fees. 

Once such a platform which has more than 10000 stores running across the globe is Sellacious. Sellacious is that revolutionary eCommerce development platform which has brought a varied set of essential features which are compulsorily required by any other person who is willing to start or migrate their online store or for any entrepreneur who is running an existing business and wants to initiate an online way of selling. This platform could be the better way to promote vertical marketing of a product where multiple people could put in their efforts so as to actively encourage efficiency and economies of scale in the way products are promoted to customers( primarily the targeted ones), credit is provided to the customer, and product are inspected and delivered to the customers within stipulated timeline and proper packaging.

The platform is based on the most extensible, versatible, agile, and easier-to-use CMS named Joomla which enables a  web store owner to create fully potential and powerful websites and web applications. It is just a 15 minutes effort to start with your own web store with this online application builder. Just download the quickstart package, host the extracted version in the site folder of your own or Sellacious provided online or  local hosting/server. After a few configurations of database and the prerequisite Sellacious dashboard for an admin user will be ready to upload products, create subcategories and categories, define variants for a product and this could be done without any prior technical knowledge. 

Sellacious is designed as such that any user be it an admin or any other defined role could access and utilize it very easily. The best user experience practices have been kept in mind while designing the dashboard and the most interesting fact to know is that Sellacious has been constantly evolving with the recommendation of its users and top-notch consultants.

This marketplace software is power packed with some of the most amazing features readily available in the freemium and paid versions. Features like Enterprise level global configuration such as payment methods, translation, and many others, status, permissions for staff/seller/client, e-wallet, product and vendor listing, defied commissions based on membership level, tax imposition and tax rule creation based on parameters like geolocation, cart or individual product value, coupon and discount management, multi variant products, caching, SEO, Email marketing, Advertisements, SEO friendly shop outputs, loyalty and affiliate program, and 24×7 available freely available humblest customer support. 

Why is it better than others?

There are very few shopping cart softwares available in the market that would charge only for what a store owner consumes. This eStore software charges for what is subscribed and the webspace brought into utilization. Scalability could be prescribed by the store admin to meet low or high traffic demands and they would be charged exactly they consumed. There are absolutely no hidden charges like any other platform, let say, BigCommerce which tends to increase their monthly subscription charges whenever the traffic tends to increase irrespective of the fact a visitor makes a purchase or not. 

Sellacious is ready to help even at off hours!

Direct phone calls, chat, live chat support to every Sellacious user. The email and calls are directly catered by the core development and business team. If any payment integration is not available which is desired. Don’t worry! The team would get it for you in just $99 flat. Our team is composed of a multidisciplinary and dynamic group of professionals with complementary skills, consisting of one web strategy and analytics expert, UX strategist and a Product Engineer. Our exemplary set of skills and a unified vision differentiates our brand in the industry. 

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