3 Disruptive Enterprise Search Benefits to Adopt In 2021
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3 Disruptive Enterprise Search Benefits to Adopt In 2021

3 Disruptive Enterprise Search Benefits to Adopt In 2021


Handling a full-fledged organization is not a cakewalk. It calls for managing multiple tasks, and if there are multiple departments; there would be a high number of employees working for the organization. 

Getting employees the information related to their jobs is more important than ever no matter where they have resided in the world. A robust enterprise search solution allows teams to access all the data and documents they require to revamp collaboration, stimulate innovation, and streamline workflows. An exemplary enterprise search software helps your team build robust knowledge management to get your employees a piece of accurate information at the right time. 

IDC forecasts that by 2025, unstructured data will account for 80% of enterprise knowledge. At the same time, a study by Coseer found that more than 70% of enterprise data lives in documents 30 pages or longer.

What is EnterpriseSearch?

Enterprise search is a way of search that helps employees find the data from one or different databases in a singular search query. The searched data can be, in any format, from anywhere inside the company in databases, document management systems, e-mail servers, on paper, and other relevant things.

How does it work?

Enterprise search engines call for data preparation. Once data is ready for the search engine, users input text queries and receive formatted results.

Content Awareness

Content awareness is also being addressed as “content collection”, it is the process of connecting databases that the search can access.

Content Processing

Incoming contents from multiple databases have various formats such as XML, HTML, office document formats, or plain text. In this process of enterprise search, documents are turned into plain text using document filters so they can be found efficiently. 


After the content is processed, documents are stored in an index. This index comprises all words, including information regarding the ranking and frequency of the term.

Serving results to user queries

The search system creates a comparison between the query to the saved index and returns matching results. The search returns entries that contain what the user typed as a query and also returns similar results.

Now that we are familiar with the basics, let’s learn about the 4 foolproof reasons to go for enterprise search:

Improved cost-effectiveness

However, you will have to spend a budget-friendly cost on your enterprise search, it does help you gain benefits in the long run. Once the employees are familiar to use it, enterprise search can make up for the expenditure on its costs and training in the time span of a year or maybe lesser than it. 

The timeline can be varied according to the system you are using and the size of the company. When used in a proper manner, this system saves time and effort and augments the productivity of an organization, leading to optimum financial returns.

Better customer service

For external stakeholders such as potential customers, an enterprise search system can serve as an enabler to a high quality of service. When your potential customer browses a company website for information, it is always the best option to search through a search system rather than manually look through different online pages and wasting time. 

Since they are capable of finding information on their own, they will not require to pick up their cell phone and reach out to the company. It decreases the likelihood of sending emails too. Hence, it augments customer satisfaction as information is more easily accessible, and it also saves the company’s endeavor.

More precision in decision making

Enterprise search allows you to access the data quickly. It is a quintessential way of going through great amounts of data that has been indexed and built search-friendly. Thus, it allows organizations to take straight and quicker decisions as they do not waste time in search and sifting through paper documents.

Concluding statement:

These three foolproof reasons are the testament to the ever-evolving concept of enterprise search. However, it depends upon your take and the size of your organization. In that case, enterprise search development services are what you should go for and consult the companies who hold expertise in the same. 

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