Why Should You Own A Cocktail Shaker?
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Why Should You Own A Cocktail Shaker?

Why Should You Own A Cocktail Shaker?

Those who love to sip cocktails would realize the importance of a cocktail shaker as part of a bartending tool. This is also why cocktail gift sets are becoming more and more popular. Most people feel that the most important ingredient is the cocktail shaker. 

Shaking drinks may seem like a hassle and unnecessary. However, it is crucial if you want to have the perfect drink mixed and brewed out of your favourite beverages. Cocktail gift sets, therefore, make an excellent gift for cocktail lovers. But for those who aren’t aware of the need for a cocktail shaker, here’s the lowdown.

Diversify Your Drinks 

Although most people are fans of martinis, there is a whole wide variety of drinks if you let yourself explore more in that department. With the possession of a cocktail shaker, you can pretty much mix and make any drink of your choice.

If you are someone who likes to craft new tastes out of drinks and perfect them, then a shaker is a must-have. The benefits of flavour blending and dilution using a cocktail shaker is just the gist of it. Bartenders don’t just shake your drinks to look cool behind the counter. But they do it to perfect your drinks. The majority of the cocktails taste much better when shaken.


You need not drink your regular drinks always. You can enjoy a martini without the stress of the world. Without a shaker, a martini won’t quite taste the way it is meant to taste. And if you prefer sticking to your regular drinks, then you are only depriving yourself of the variety of tastes and the fantastic flavours of group cocktails.

Mixing martinis is not complex. The drill is pretty much the same as other mixed drinks. However, it requires two extra steps of shaking and straining the drink. Most of the martinis include fruit juice, cream, and other non-alcoholic mixers.

These drinks need to be shaken well in a cocktail shaker to blend the various flavours. And the drinks that require stirring need a strainer to get rid of the ice. Both techniques are executable using a cocktail shaker. Moreover, if you want to make a martini, you got to have a cocktail shaker.

A Better Mix of Flavors 

The most important function of a cocktail shaker is to blend the drink’s ingredients to get the taste of all the flavours better. The shake is pretty much how to go about it, as you may already be aware that almost all cocktail recipes suggest good shaking of the ingredients.

In some exceptional cases, however, you may be able to get a drink by pouring and stirring the drink directly in the glass. But an experienced bartender will immediately point out the differences between a stirred cocktail drink and a shaken version of a cocktail drink. 

Shaking mixes the drink better and also aerates the cocktail. This reduces the burn of alcohol you would have felt otherwise. As a result, it would be more drinkable.

Final Words 

Although not many things change when you drink a stirred drink, you would get a much wider variety of tastes when you sip from a glass of cocktail built in a cocktail shaker. If you have any friend or a dear one who loves to make new cocktails, then cocktail gift sets would be the perfect Christmas gift this holiday season. Moreover, you can get a taste of their recipes as well.

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