The Best Moving And Storage Company In Boston
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The Best Moving And Storage Company In Boston

The Best Moving And Storage Company In Boston

East Coast Boston Movers is one of the best-renowned moving and storage companies in Boston, Massachusetts. This moving and storage company in Boston is excellent in their services by moving things through their professional movers. They have an exciting rate package for their customers. Boston movers make sure that their clients are satisfied by providing quality base facilities. This organization works honestly with real concern and transfers the goods perfectly with great responsibility.


moving and storage company in Boston

Hourly Rates

East Coast moving and storage companies charged hourly rates. After 3 hours of travel time, they have a 15 minutes’ increment policy. So they charged after every 15 minutes. The price rate for 2 movers and 1 truck is $99 per hour. Their price rate for 3 movers and 1 truck is $139 per hour. The price rate for 4 movers and 1 truck is $179 per hour.  Amenities list has full or partial packing, long and short-term storage packing, and piano moving facility. They also provide local moving services within 150 miles of Boston and Massachusetts.

Moving services

  • The first service they offer is a Residential facility where they include moving from small apartments to large houses. They also provide discounted rates for the students from September till April.
  • The second on the list is a Commercial moving facility for businessmen and busy professionals. The best thing about these services is that they no longer charge you for a moving pad which is used for the protection of your furniture.
  • The next one in the row is the Piano moving facility where they make sure that they move these heavy pianos with great care. As they claimed that the Piano is protected with moving blankets that will prevent dents and scratches.
  • The fourth one is Packing services as they are the best moving and storage companies so they also offer packing services. Their offers may differ depending on the product size and shape. They give full packing, partial packing, and self-packing services.
  • After that, the next one is Moving with a storage facility in which East Coast Boston Movers also facilitate long-term and short-term moving storage of your stuff. They claim that our storage stuff is in safe hands through their climate control storage services.
  • The last one in a row is Free Box Delivery in which they provide free delivery boxes on the order of $50.00.

Long Distance Moving 

East Coast Boston Movers’ huge list is not ended there they also facilitate long-distance specialized moving services in which you can move from Boston to New York at a rate of $950. This service helps us to transport your new home with great ease without any hustle and bustle. The rates of Boston to New York, NY moving is $950 per hour, and the rates of Boston to Washington, DC moving is $1300 per hour. They also provide long-distance moving services outside of Massachusetts which start at a rate of $900.If you want to move Boston to another state like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, and Vermont. They provide detailed inventory services before moving which is a very great thing.

Product Protection

East Coast Boston movers is the super moving and storage company in Boston as they take care of each item in the staff list which we provided to them. They covered the products and storage with the help of blankets and tapes. The amazing thing is that they provide this service free of cost. They have huge warehouses where they transfer your stuff in a protected way. When you need your stuff back they safely load the stuff and move wherever you want. This company keeps your stuff for two weeks in their warehouses.

Loading and Unloading

The process of loading and unloading is a very difficult task to do so this organization makes it so easy for you. They have moving labor who loads and unloads the stuff from the truck to your final destination. Moreover, they facilitate you at the doorstep through their huge vehicles like ABF, U-Pack trailer, Door-to-Door, and in PODS containers.

Single Item Move

If you are worried about how to handle your single heavy item by yourself you don’t have to worry at all. This moving and storage company makes your life better. By their services, they come to your place and carry your stuff and move the stuff with the help of their team members. For this, they charge very low rates which are only 1.5 hours including the travel time as well. I think this offer is very cheap and reasonable for everyone.

East Coast Boston Movers

This moving and storage company in Boston makes their name in the market by becoming a helping hand for us. They make our life worry-free and easy. They have a wide range of packages and a variety of moving types and their deals. Their trainee, labor and all staff are very well professional. They finished their task by giving their clients 100% satisfaction and ease of happiness. They can handle each and everything and our belongings on their own only at one dial.

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