Best Ways To Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile
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Best Ways To Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

Best Ways To Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

In this post i am going to show you best and good tips for linkedin profile optimization

We all know in today scenario linkedin is a very important social media platform where we distribute the content .

Define Target Group 

Defining the target audience would be very easy if you know your purpose.  You have to be more careful while deciding your target audience’’

Profile Optimization

Your DP or Profile pic and cover photo is direct impact or you can say it i CTR  show this is a section where your creativity is show

You can use Canva , Photoshop and others tools to create photos and infographics

Profile Sections

Here i am sharing a exact same things which you edit on your linkedin Profile

1. Name

2. Profile Photo

3. Cover Photo

4. Profile URL

5. Title

6. About Section

7. Expirence

8. Education

9. Feature Section

10. Certifications

11. Skills 

12. Endorsements

13. Recommedations

14. Placed Targeted Keywords

SEO is a very important thing in Linkedin Also seo is a very game changer for yourlprofil, you have to do proper seo for your profile . You can use more then 3 keywords on your profile . Select atleast 3 keywords which you want to target . Put your primary and secondary keywords on your profile.

There are many area in linkedin where you can place keyowrds on your profile , Headlinke ,About section , Profile url , Job title , Job description and skills also

Note – Don’t show off more in linkedin, Be Real on linkedin

Don’t Stuff your keywords on your profile .

Linkedin is a great social media platform where you distribute your content so be aleart  you can also find job using linkedin , there are many company’s create profile on Linkedin so your work is and then you pitch a company for job and in return you get a mail from company may be you get a job also

Connection Strategy

Linkedin has a limit is 30K Connection total so you have to build more linkedin connection because it is good for you , but before connection define your target audience , if you are student , then get connect with HR , MANAGERS , CEO , FOUNDERS  SO these are the exact strategy to build a solid connection strategy in Download Linkedin Video , my persola suggestion is build more connect on linkedin

Hey this is Anurag I am a Reverse Engineering Marketer and Growth Hacker Practitioner, I share Tricks about how to Grow Linkedin and Instagram Profile Visit my Medium Blog Download Pinterest Video

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