9 Reasons to Hire Services of Security Guard Companies
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9 Reasons to Hire Services of Security Guard Companies

9 Reasons to Hire Services of Security Guard Companies

In 2018, 63% of the business reported thefts and burglaries in The USA.

Wondering how to protect your business from becoming a victim one day?

Leading security guard companies aim to ensure the growth of the business by securing their employees and assets. Some business verticals such as retail stores, office complexes, and banks are at the high alert of criminal activities. The events with huge public gatherings are also deemed to be an easy target for thefts, bombings, bloodshed killings, murders- to name a few!

Hiring services of licensed and well-known security guard companies at such places is one of the best ways to prevent any unforeseeable situation. The question remains to be-

What are the signs for businesses to hire security services? 

Here are the top 10 indicators that can help companies identify and prevent criminal activities:

1. Safety Issues at Large Parking Lots

The parking lots are the places from where the criminal activities start from. Small-sized parking lots don’t give much space to hide and even draws the attention of most of the people around. The well-spread parking area is an easy spot for thefts after smashing windows and taking valuables – with no one to notice. Sometimes they are capable of taking away the vehicle as well.

The peak hours of crimes happening in parking lots are generally at night. One cannot rely on cameras, lights, and fences solely to fight off these criminals. The guards sent by security companies are expert enough to handle such situations, thereby ensuring safety from vandalism and theft cases.

2. More than one point of entrance and Exits 

Having multiple access points to your building can be taken as an easy invitation for unauthorized personnel. These are the people who usually enter with a full-fledged plan with no wish to get noticed by employees and service providers.

Investing in a security camera system at all the access points is quite a smart idea, but it needs continuous monitoring as well. Only then can a person deter crimes at that point of a crucial hour.

The entry from HVAC ducts and windows needs another layer of protection, and that is what is ensured by security guard companies. Their services include continuous security patrolling to keep intruders on their toes all the time while securing your business and keep it functioning properly.

3. Located in High Crime Area 

The prevailing crime rate in a city helps you identify if you are working in a high alert crime area or not. Similarly, get to know whether the usual cases happening around are more common at night or in day time! This even affects the retention rate in the companies as the reason sometime employee resigns is that they don’t feel safe anymore at work premises. Thus hiring security guards to patrol the premises is one of the best ways to spread positivity among employees and show that you care. The presence of armed guards everywhere would make criminals think twice before intruding into your building.

4. Accountable for Liabilities

The frequent losses or an unfortunate incident can put you temporarily in a situation of being liable for payments, wages, and other expenses. The Insurance Companies, while giving compensations, assure whether measures for securing the premises were ever taken or not. The absence of these factors may lead to revocation from premium payment policy.

5. History of previous occurrences of Shrinkage and thefts

The year 2015 saw the loss of more than almost $50 billion due to thefts – as per a report. Shockingly 32% of the reasons turned out to be policy breaching by own employees.

6. Wondering how to protect your own company from its saviors 

Companies all over the world can save millions and billions by employing security guard companies. You can trust the security of your business in the presence of well-trained and licensed security guard. They go above and beyond to reduce shrinkages. Thus, saving funds in chambers of business! While hiring security companies, the entrepreneurs and business owner should make their requirements of security clear with the team- leaving no room for confusion.

The patrolling services must be conducted every hour to avoid all possible threats.

“Prevention is better than cure.”

So by the time police arrives the crime scene- Isn’t it beneficial to have a security guard on duty to respond to the situation and confront criminals.

7. Someone on board trained with giving emergency medical aids

The guards are well – trained in extending medical aids in different types of emergencies. This includes handling CPR, using tools of first aid kit, applying bandages, operate AED, giving oral airway, and administering oxygen. It requires one’s presence of mind to act the right way in such medical circumstances that you can check while hiring security guards.

8. Issues with Record Keeping 

One of the responsibilities of security guards is to log daily activities in a recording dashboard or even manually. This log is usually in relation to safety, entry, and exits of personnel in the premises with assets present inside the company at all times. This observation makes him vigilant of anything unusual happening around the perimeter. This is how they judge intentions of intruders trying to sneak in without permission. Their presence is also responsible for third party testifying in courts against perpetrators and other unlawful criminal activists.

9. Concerns of loyal and rising Competition 

Today’s reality has made us stand in a situation where we cannot trust our blood relations- when it comes to business. Competing entities are not just present locally, but all over the world. This raises the alarm that you must earn loyalty to stay secured at your premises. Since no one knows the intentions of the next person sitting to you, here security guards can help you differentiate as they usually know what they are looking at and who can be trusted.

The Bottom Line

Understand the depth of each element listed and think of how it can affect the growth of your business.

Isn’t it better to keep your years of hard work safely in the hands of someone you trust?

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