Trust the Shopify SEO Experts at 1Digital Agency
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Trust the Shopify SEO Experts at 1Digital Agency

Trust the Shopify SEO Experts at 1Digital Agency

As an eCommerce business owner, you hear all the time about the importance of your online presence and how you should make every effort to improve your website’s search engine optimization, making a long-term effort to improve your organic traffic and hopefully sales. Of course, this can be difficult to do without having a solid strategy in place.

You are certainly going to be an expert in your business and in the trends that may happen within your industry, but you are not expected to know everything about SEO for Shopify and what you need to do. You need to turn to Shopify SEO Experts who can help you by constructing the right strategy for your SEO campaign and provide you with the Shopify SEO services that you need to be successful.

You can turn to 1Digital Agency to become part of a process that has helped a number of clients over the years since its inception in 2012. This is an SEO company that employs a strategy of selecting keywords where there is an opportunity for growth and success to grow traffic and sales.

The 1Digital Agency process begins with an extensive and detailed SEO audit that identifies areas of improvement with your website’s SEO strategies. With this audit, you can see these areas that need improvement and understand what needs to change with your SEO plan. By choosing 1Digital as your eCommerce SEO agency, a staff of Shopify SEO experts goes to work on planning and executing a strategy.

Keyword research is the first step, finding the products that you can easily rank for and implementing those keywords into your campaign. There are two parts to an SEO strategy. There is content creation that produces blog posts, on-page content and off-page content that helps to build backlinks and domain authority, all of which help improve your search rankings in Google searches. There is also a lot of behind-the-scenes work that takes place with technical SEO, making sure that every corner of your website is optimized and prepared for success with the search engines.

With 1Digital Agency, you are along for the journey every step of the way. From the beginning, you have input on the keywords you want to target based on the research done by 1Digital and finalize the list as things get started with your campaign. When it comes to content, you have everything sent to you so you can review the content to make sure it is on par with your brand and tone of voice that you want to express to your customers. Before any content is written, 1Digital has a call with clients to explain the content expectations and review certain specific details about your business so your campaign is distinguished from the rest of the crowd.

Finally, as your campaign progresses, you receive regular reports and monthly SEO updates to keep you up to date on how your campaign is performing, what keywords are seeing improvement and continue to identify areas where some improvement can still be needed. SEO is a process, so you want a team of Shopify SEO experts that are providing honest analysis of your campaign.

So get the best with true SEO experts that can identify how you can improve and know the way to make your results better. Choose 1Digital Agency and get started on an SEO campaign and creating a strategy that works for you and your business. It’s easy to get started with a free SEO audit that can detail everything you need to do with your SEO efforts.

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