Property With A Tennis Court
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Property With A Tennis Court

Property With A Tennis Court

If someone says ‘’luxurious property’’, your first thought is probably some huge house with all the modern conveniences. Also, those kinds of premium homes often have one specific sports facility – a private tennis court.

The Benefits of a Home with Tennis Court

Besides all the main duties, being a real estate owner also means you should always look for all the possibilities to increase the value of your real estate. This means building the additional facilities to your estate, such as swimming pool, spa, sauna, gym, or something else. Although swimming pools in the backyard are not so rare nowadays, fewer private properties have tennis courts. A tennis court at home makes a great addition to the property, and also provides an ideal option for healthy and active people. Who wouldn’t enjoy the priceless opportunity of merely walking out of your house and being able to play! Also, a lot of people enjoy the pros of owning a tennis court by inviting friends, family, and even business clients over to play tennis. For that reason, tennis courts have become an integral place for social interaction and/or deal-making. But most importantly, having a tennis court at home certainly enhances the value of the property in the long term!

The Value of a Tennis Court

The value of a tennis court varies depending on different factors, for example, on the quality of the tennis court construction. However, there are quite a few plots that can suit a tennis court with measurements 60 x 120 feet (18,27 x 36,57 meters). In case the court has additional special features, such as a proper lighting system for playing after dark, the value increases even more. In conclusion, a tennis court can grow the value of your real estate by as much as 150 000$ (138 000€) to the comparable property in the same area!

Tennis court construction costs usually from as little as 32 500$ (30 000€) to 65 000$ (60 000€), which is remarkably lower than the final value of the court. With this in mind, building a tennis court can be worth the invested money. There are not many options for investments in your property that offer the same potential. However, there are some things you should consider before starting with the tennis court construction for your home.

What to Consider when Planning the Construction of a Tennis Court

Building a tennis court requires a formal change of land use and before the construction process can start, a lengthy planning process may take place beforehand. You will need to think about the design and location of your tennis court because the authorities need to be convinced in many aspects. For instance, a court within the garden is required not to have an impact on the general setting of the building and the wider environment.

1. The Placement of a Court

Your court needs to be positioned properly. One of the most important aspects you should take into account is the weather arcs. It is always better to orient your court on a north-south axis, not east-west. This makes a court much more playable since it avoids the sun shining in your eyes all the time.

2. The Process of Tennis Court Construction

You should also think about how the court will be installed. The different types of court need to be laid and maintained correctly to ensure they remain in good condition. Otherwise, you might start to deal with a peeling or degrading court. Your court also might become uneven and ruin the playing experience. Besides durable surfaces, you need to think about and find appropriate fencing and adequate drainage as well.

3. The Lighting of a Court

A proper lighting system maximizes the value of your tennis court since it allows to play not only during daytime hours. With the correct lighting system, your court can also be used during the evening – a time when many people prefer to play after getting home from work.

4. How to Choose the Surface for a Tennis Court

Tennis is played on very different surfaces that affect the various aspects of play remarkably. One of the best options for building a private tennis court is the artificial grass surface because of its lower construction cost and body-friendliness. Also, we suggest reading the TennisKit24 blog article on how to choose the color of your tennis court.

Raise the Value of Your Real Estate Already Today!

If you want to be more active and enhance the value of your real estate at the same time, you should consider building a tennis court for your home. It almost guarantees to add value to your property and grow your social network too. Go on and check for guidelines and recommendations on how to make an artificial grass tennis court from scratch.

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