Pandemic Restaurant Designs – Future of Dining
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Pandemic Restaurant Designs – Future of Dining

Pandemic Restaurant Designs – Future of Dining

The era of a pandemic is hard for many people. It has hugely affected the business, schools, people in the workforce, and others who strive daily to earn their bread and butter. However, the acceptance is only to take out some time and enjoy the amazing outdoor gathering with your loved ones in a COVID-friendly space. Besides, businesses are evolving aby adjusting their places according to the COVID terms and conditions.

There are also some design choices to incorporate if you are a restaurant owner who wants some of the exquisite ways to please your customers with the right safety measures. Take a look at the innovations you can introduce before you hit the firms of restaurant Interior Design in the UAE.

Start From Some Basics of Social Distancing

The next time you have dined, you might find some improvements to masked waiters, six-foot apart tables, Plexiglas obstacles, and some of the animals occupying seats. As a whole new set of limitations was placed on the spread of COVID-19 as many countries around the world lockdown. Although we don’t know a lot about coronavirus, it is a challenge for the operation of restaurants to extend rapidly from person to person. And although many restaurants struggle financially, some find innovative ways to reopen while upholding the guidelines on social distancing.

Design ideas for Pandemic Dining Experience

Utilize Outdoor Spaces Since we are moving towards the lesser crowd, smaller places, and open spaces, the idea is to create the space that is also increasing the experience. So, outdoor spaces are more in demand right now with more creative décor and other interior ideas. Besides, we all know that Dubai has never been out of the creative ideas and treating their customers right with the luxury and experience.

Glass kitchens Connected to the dining area

Many outdoor diners are setting new examples for you to open up the doors again. So, if you are one of them, you can ensure that you redesign your restaurant with the idea of having a glass door kitchen with a small space in front of it for dining.

Expand Takeaway Space

The takeaway is the new trend. Yes, it is not brand new, but if expanding your takeaway space can help you boost your sales, then why not? The possibility of renovating a place with expanded takeaway space is that you can offer more people to order from the app and pick up when ready. You will be able to follow the Pandemic protocol along with the enriching experience of the food of your restaurant and the best customer services.

Parking space designs to eat in your car

We have seen in movies that people watch movies in open spaces. Well, it can be the right time to revisit the ideas and apply these themes for restaurants too. You can create a specific space where people can enjoy their food in their car. Or you can create little spaces in a way where each family can enjoy dining just like they are sitting in their car and enjoying a meal in it. Moreover, the entertainment ideas are never less if you try to go a little creative with the spaces you can use for dining.

Take inspiration from Starbucks

Starbucks seems to be ahead of time. You can check out their branches where they only offer Starbucks pickup services. Yes, locations are less in counting and mostly in New York or Toronto, but the idea seems feasible. Designing this place is also less hectic, plus you can go for more drive-thru space and café style place taking the idea from the cafes like Starbucks.

Bottom Line

The whole point of the article is to ensure that people need to be careful for the crowded places and restaurants can facilitate them by qualifying to the safety protocols. The above ideas are just the beginning of being creative with new ways to open the doors of a restaurant once again. Well, there are creative interior décor companies in Dubai, so, find the company offering Restaurant Interior Design in UAE and get started and be available for your customers even in a pandemic.

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