Understanding the Life Cycle of acne and How to Get Rid of it
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Understanding the Life Cycle of acne and How to Get Rid of it

Understanding the Life Cycle of acne and How to Get Rid of it

Acne is common skin condition especially in persons above the age of 40 and teenagers occurring when hair follicles are blocked with oils, dead skin, and accumulation of dirt. Acne comes in different variants mainly in the form of pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. Usually, it forms on the forehead, upper back, chest, and shoulders.

However, the good news is that persistent treatment of acne can eliminate the condition. It is important to note the bumps and pimples can quickly get back slowly leading to a repeat cycle. Depending on how severe the condition is, it can lead to stress it causes visible acne scars on the skin. The earlier you commence your treatment, the lower the chances of getting severe outbreaks. To efficiently treat acne you will need to master the Life Cycle of Acne to get a feeling of what you are managing.

The Different Types of Acne Scars

Stage 0

Stage zero means you have minor signs of acne that are hard to differentiate between a normal pimple and acne. Various types of acne manifest differently making it hard to differentiate as they may come in tiny zits. At this stage, you can ignore the minute signs until when the pimples are growing big and spreading. Finally, it is important to note the tiny zits can appear and disappear within two days.

Stage 1

This is often considered as the initial stage as you can tell the difference between the white and blackheads. During this phase, you notice spots on your face, nose tips, and your lower lips. At this stage, the hair follicles get blocked by dirt and oils making it very difficult for the skin to perform optimally. The tiny pimples are not very visible at this stage and are only visible ate getting a closer look at the surface.

Though you can choose to ignore acne at this stage, black spots start forming in different areas. As days pass, black spots begin to develop on and can be easily removed by using a sterilized acne head remover. Acne prevention methods can be instrumental at this stage to prevent further outbreak.

Stage 2

At stage 3 you can quickly notice black spots on the skin. Pimples often contain some pulse which on drying results in black spots. Skin rashes are raised and firmer, leading to the natural visibility. At this stage, acne is said to be in its mild phase and can be easily treated by over the counter medication and some home remedies.

Stage 3

Here you notice skin breakouts of pa-pules that are continually developing. Skin inflammation is quite clear and you ought to consult your dermatologist.

Stage 4

Here acne has resulted in pustules growing in different parts of the skin. The pimples at this stage are full of pus and appear inflamed. At this stage, you ought to consult your skin specialist as the acne is fully developed as indicated in the other four steps.

Stage 5

Though you can risk ignoring acne in other steps, you can’t risk it here as it the breakouts are out of control and the severe stage is knocking. You are likely to see Nodules forming on the skin. A pimple develops into cysts full of dead skin cells, bacteria, pus, and sub that further leads to bursting of a blister. What differentiates a regular pimple from a nodule is the fact a bulge is deeper rooted in the skin causing pain, and upon bursting a scar is formed.

Stage 6

Here is where bursting of nodules and bursting due to the accumulation of pus. Besides, you can quickly notice reddened skin with blood appearing on the buds and cysts. Infection and acne breakouts are frequent at this stage as infections spread.

Stage 7

At this step, the bursting of nodules continues, and medication is vital to stop it. Remember you can control or prevent your acne from deteriorating to this stage by merely observing a few home remedy treatment plans. Be consistent with your treatment plan and keep the highest hygiene standards to prevent breakouts.

Stage 8

Here is the last step in the lifestyle of acne where scars are evident. When your acne gets to this stage seeking medical treatment is not an option, ensure you visit your dermatologist.

Different Ways of Containing and Treating Acne

Regular Exercise

Taking exercising regularly is a crucial step towards healing and preventing acne breakouts. Exercise helps in releasing endorphin’s that are vital in lowering oil production on the skin. Besides, training makes you sweat, and in the process, you clean your skin cells.

Avoid Touching Infected areas

When you notice acne on the face irrespective of the stage, avoid touching your face as it leads to further spreading. Thus, be careful not to scratch or rub your face when you have the condition.

Balanced Diet

One of the best ways of treating acne is eating well-balanced meals and avoid foods rich in oil. Getting your body nourished adequately with vitamins and proteins helps in equipping your body fight acne from the roots.

Face Exfoliation

Exfoliation is vital in keeping your skin clean and removing dead skin and accumulated dirt from the surface. Settle for natural products to exfoliate your skin. Most importantly, be gentle on the skin to avoid the same skin you want to heal from acne.

Use of Essential Oils

Neem oil is vital in fighting acne as it contains antimicrobial elements that fight bacteria causing acne. You can opt to mix green tea with need oil and wipe it over the affected areas to get a soothing yet a healing feeling.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Oily skin is often associated with acne as it gives bacteria a thriving ground, and dry skin will produce sebum when the skin is dry. To prevent such extremes from occurring, always use a moisturizer after washing your face in the morning and evening. Besides, get a good toner that matches your skin type to apply after cleansing your face if you are to fight acne and get rid of the scars.


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