All About Crossbite and How to Correct it With Invisible Braces
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All About Crossbite and How to Correct it With Invisible Braces

All About Crossbite and How to Correct it With Invisible Braces

Having a straight set of teeth is perceived to be an important factor in how good your oral health is. Moreover, it positively impacts your personality, increases your confidence and makes you want to show your smile more, right? However, orthodontic issues such as crossbite often become a hassle and make us socially anxious! 

A crossbite is misaligned teeth wherein your upper teeth are usually behind your lower teeth. Did you know that crossbite also negatively impact your oral health and increases the chances of orthodontic issues such as wear and tear of teeth,eating problem, headaches, etc.? To ensure that these issues do not worsen with time, it is imperative to go for a crossbite treatment without any delay. 

Talking about crossbite correction, because there are various orthodontic ways to fix it.  But you should go for one that is comfortable and suits you the most. Let us help you with this. With changing time and technology, clear aligners have become one of the most preferred ways to fix crossbite and transform your smile into a celeb-like smile. Let us see how! 

How do clear aligners fix crossbite? 

Clear aligners are a set of transparent and custom-made plastic trays that are completely removable. They are super comfortable and are the one of the best ways for a smile makeover. They fix your crossbite by gently and gradually pushing your teeth to the desired and correct position, thus aligning your teeth! 

Clear aligners must be worn for at least 20 to 22 hours a day for enhanced and faster treatment. 

Let us see a few benefits of choosing clear aligners for fixing your crossbite. 

Benefits of clear aligners to fix your crossbite 

1. Comfortable and convenient 

Conventional metal braces come with metal wires and brackets that are completely fixed to our teeth. As a result, they often cause discomfort and inconvenience. On the other hand, clear aligners are made of smooth texture, are super comfortable and removable.

2. Transparent to the naked eye (well, almost transparent)

Conventional metal braces are quite visible to the naked eye even from a distance. Clear aligners, however, are hardly visible to the naked eye. As a result, you will not have to think twice before smiling in front of the camera! Moreover, they are ideal if you wish to keep your crossbite treatment low-key! 

3. Takes lesser time 

We all want to fix our crossbite as soon as possible, right? Well, with clear aligners, that is possible. Clear aligners fix your crossbite much faster, giving you an ideal smile makeover. They usually take around 12 to 18 months to fix, while conventional metal braces take 18 to 24 months. 

4. Improved oral health 

Did you know that crossbite leads to decreased oral health and increases the chances of plaque, wear and tear of teeth, etc.? Clear aligners fix your crossbite and lower the risk of such oral problems. Moreover, as they are completely removable, brushing and flossing of teeth is done in a much enhanced and better way! 

Clear aligners fix your crossbite in a most emphasized and structured way and give you a celeb-like smile! Now that you have planned to fix your crossbite, you should go for a reputed and leading brand, like toothsi. They offer the best clear aligners without you having to leave your comfort zone, as their orthodontists are just a video call away! So, book an online video consultation with toothsi and start your dream smile makeover today!

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