A Pre-Bridal Session Guide For All The Bride-To-Be Out There
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A Pre-Bridal Session Guide For All The Bride-To-Be Out There

A Pre-Bridal Session Guide For All The Bride-To-Be Out There

Every bride wants to appear the best on her wedding day. However, simply doing the naani maa ke gharelu nuske isn’t enough. There are many factors involved in creating a perfect bride, and it all includes a series of pre-bridal sessions. Additionally, these can be a fantastic method to relax and let go of all the stress with wedding planning.

What is a Pre-Bridal Session?

Pre-bridal grooming sessions focus on cleansing your body, getting your hair waxed, and ensuring your nails are polished to the highest standard. The bride-to-be must begin the sessions at least two months before the wedding.


Specific treatments like facials, laser treatments, and hair coloring & straightening are included in pre-bridal services. You should always seek help from a dermatologist before proceeding with these treatments. You should take your time and indulge from the top to the bottom to create a gorgeous you!

Why should a Bride Attend These Sessions?

A tiny peach-like flurry on your lip might not be a massive issue in your routine, but you do not wish it to be a part of the wedding album. Thus, a pre-bridal session is essential to ensure an attractive and healthy complexion on the day of your wedding and after the wedding as well.

Types of Pre-Bridal Session

We suggest the following pre-bridal services to every bride-to-be (for your hair, face, body, etc.). You can choose depending on your preferences!


Whatever you’ve got 2 or 3 months before your wedding date, Make sure that you have a bleaching session every month included. Beauty parlours offer various types of bleach, depending on the type of skin you have. 


One of the most essential things that brides must complete is removing hair that is not needed on the lips and brows for an uncluttered appearance. This can be accomplished by two methods, one via threads and another with wax applied to the upper lip. The final session must be held 4 days before the wedding ceremony.


Facials are your most trusted companion if you suffer from dry and rough skin. It cleanses the skin and increases blood circulation, which will give you that gorgeous look. If you suffer from oily skin, opt for a deep cleansing treatment. A good facial mask will do well for you since it won’t just eliminate excess oil, but it will reduce the pores and provide energized and clear skin.

Hair Color

It is suggested to plan the hair appointment 3 months before the wedding day, as the color can take around a month to settle.

Hair Spa 

It is recommended to visit the hair spa as it does more than just treating frizziness, dryness, and excess oil. Still, it can be relaxing, thanks to numerous visits to the narrow streets of Chandni Chowk.

Body Wax

The waxing process is the most efficient method to have clear and healthy skin. Schedule an appointment up to 4 to 5 days before the event to ensure a stress-free procedure and to prevent the possibility of red or allergic skin before the day of your wedding.

Massage/Body Spa

The ideal time to begin the pre-bridal treatment is two months before the wedding. The most effective is aromatherapy and green tea spa, appropriate for all skin types. Contact your at-home beauty service right now!


The majority of women out there do not pay enough attention to their hands. Simply applying nail polish isn’t going to help you stand out from the crowd. When you do manicures, the cuticles are removed to produce beautiful nails.


Feet are a neglected part of your body and must be looked after. Different kinds of pedicures help relax muscles and keep you on your toes during wedding planning. It is recommended to do it every 15 days to achieve the desired outcomes.

Where can I get these sessions Completed?

We suggest that salons bear certain factors in mind before settling on a particular one. Try to select a highly recommended establishment by a family member or someone satisfied with the services provided. You can lookout for a salon at home service Like Swagmee if you have less time and need to relax at home.

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