Online Rummy Tips: How to Manage Your Bankroll the Smart Way
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Online Rummy Tips: How to Manage Your Bankroll the Smart Way

Online Rummy Tips: How to Manage Your Bankroll the Smart Way

Online rummy games are so exciting that it keeps you on your toes. However, the fun can only continue as long as you have the money to keep going. Yes, online skill games like rummy can be obsessive if you tend to go overboard and the fun stops right there which is why today we are giving away some smart online rummy tips on how to manage your bankroll and keep the fun and the winnings rolling your way.

Many might think online rummy games are just about playing sessions by sessions and winning real money all the time. However, players need to be smarter than that and think couple of steps ahead if they wish to continue playing online rummy religiously without having to worry about their bankroll.

Smart Tips to Maintain your Bankroll

As online rummy sites raise the stakes and guarantees due to the increased popularity of the game in India, managing your bankroll becomes the key to thrive longer when you play online rummy for real money. Here are a few smart online rummy tips to keep your bankroll fuller and the entertainment going for good. These tips also include key rummy strategies to boost your win rate. So, stay tuned.

1. Game Selection

The first rule of using your bankroll wisely to play online rummy for real money is careful selection of the game. Rummy sites feature different variations and game structures of rummy. For example, 13 card rummy cash games feature three popular variations – Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Pool Rummy that demands a varied skill set.

To begin, try playing all three variations to figure out which variant bears the most number of positive outcomes for you as a skilled player. Stick to the variant that not just appeals to you the most but master it to increase your win rate.

Another one of online rummy tips you may apply here is to check the table stakes before you hit any cash game. Start from the very low and only move up in stakes when you see better results in your game. Do not try to jump the gun here with the aim to win more money.

2. Divide Your Money

This is exactly what you should do when you decide to play online rummy for real money. It is important to calculate and divide your bankroll into distinct amounts to play different kind of tournaments and cash games on any rummy site in order to minimize your losses.

Investing your entire bankroll on a single tourney with the highest entry fees and an even bigger prize pool is a rookie endeavour that gives you only a single attempt at winning and scoring money.

For instance, if you got 2000 bucks set aside for online rummy games, equally divide it among 2-3 tournaments with different entry fees and maybe add a few cash games. This way, you double up your chances of winning margins and profits.

3. Tournament Selection

Online rummy tournaments are a major highlight of this skill card game. Rummy portals are launching scores of interesting rummy tournaments with great prize pools that can be very appetizing at first impression. However, prize pools should not be the only criteria for playing online rummy for real money.

Remember, rummy tournaments are the star attraction for a reason. There will be scores of rummy pros hitting the tourney tables with their confident skills they have mastered over years. Since, it is a huge step up in online rummy, you need to play enough free rummy tournaments to figure out the kind of dedication, expertise, time management skills and excellent game strategy required to beat thousands of players at a single session.

Again, rummy tournaments will have a much larger participation with all eyes at the top prize, so unless you wish to wash your money away trying to get lucky, we say you take a gradually progressive approach.

Expose yourself to the competition at the basic level. Each level of tournament sees a distinct set of players with a fixed number of entries, analyze the competition from the start by registering for low stakes online rummy tourneys and monitor your performance carefully. See how much bankroll you have built so far solely through your winnings and if it seems satisfactory, move up in stakes eventually.

Take a shot at these Rummy tournaments for great buy-ins

In this regard, a fast growing online rummy portal in India called RummyBaazi (RB) has been releasing a wide variety of online rummy tournaments on its rummy app to elevate players of all stakes and skillset and benefit them with great promotions to win more money for lesser bankroll.

Here’s a list of few online rummy tournaments of different stakes you can play and win handsome money for minimum bankroll.

1. 30K Depositor’s Freeroll

This is a great tournament that rummy lovers can test their skills every day and also win handsome money for just a minimum buy-in of INR 300 using deposit code, “Daily30K” on the RB app. It is hosted online every day at 9PM. The deposit doesn’t go to waste as you can use it to play cash games on the portal.

2. 1LAC Sunday Special

This is a regular Sunday treat for those looking to build their bankroll and earn monster winnings for minimum investment of just INR1000. Simply make this deposit using rummy code, “SunLakhpati” and join the tables on Sunday at 9PM. Again, you can use the deposit to play cash games for free!

Both these tournaments and many more are a win-win deal for rummy players who are looking to enter a stellar range of competition for minimum risk and max their winnings up to 100x times.

RummyBaazi also features scores of low stakes and even micro stakes tournaments starting at just INR 1 where you can experiment your tourney skills and win impressive real cash prizes every day. You may download the RummyBaazi app from the official website to check the entire list of tournaments in the game lobby.

Closing on

Rummy games are fun as long as you notice remarkable improvement in your game and keep winning money. Such a fine experience can only be achieved if your bankroll supports your gaming ventures at every stage of your journey. Use these bankroll management online rummy tips to make good use of your hard earned money and play safe online rummy for real money starting today.

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