How Do QR Codes Work For Payments?
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How Do QR Codes Work For Payments?

How Do QR Codes Work For Payments?

Have you ever wondered how barcodes, especially QR codes, work? Famed inventor Denso Wave invented the jūji-kanji – an under-glass electronic scanning sensor that can recognize any number of linear barcodes at once. This technology is best known for its use in the optical character recognition of Japanese texts.

QR codes

They appear at a rapid rate. They are being used for everything from simple product identification to creating ads, coupons, and guiding people to the nearest store selling a particular product. They can even be used to pay for products and services right from your phone — just scan the code when you’re ready to pay.

Payment process

It only takes a few seconds. The QR code is unique to you, so it is impossible for anyone else to use the code and pay for other items. Your information is encrypted with industry-standard security protocols for mobile payments, and transactions are monitored 24/7 for fraudulent or suspicious activity. Finally, you can pay on the go with your smartphone using an app that you probably already have on your phone.

If you made a promise to pay someone in the future, but “life got in the way”, you can now easily pay them with Pine Labs. The app allows both parties to scan each others’ unique QR codes and arrange payment on the spot. You don’t have to worry about setting up dates, schedules or meeting times. Once you receive a request to pay, you can do so instantly and conveniently from your smartphone.

One of the challenges of mobile payments is finding a solution that works with different devices. QR codes help overcome this challenge, as all you need to scan a QR code is a camera on your mobile phone. Downloading the free Isis Mobile Wallet app, from the App Store or Google Play. is easy and takes just moments to set up – no account or credit card required!

Scan &Pay

Pay anyone in the world, safely and securely with your phone. It’s as easy as sending a text message or email, wherever you are, whenever you want. And there’s no need to enter lots of card details; just scan and pay facility to make payments in seconds. It’s safe too – you control who can send money to you and you can block their account if something goes wrong.

QR codes on your phone allow you to make immediate secure payments wherever you are. You can store any card details on your phone and only need to type in a shortcode and PIN when making a payment. Your details are encrypted and stored securely, so if they fall into the wrong hands, there is no risk of them being misused.

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