5 Reasons Why You Need to Launch a White Label Crypto Exchange
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5 Reasons Why You Need to Launch a White Label Crypto Exchange

5 Reasons Why You Need to Launch a White Label Crypto Exchange

Why should you build a white label cryptocurrency exchange?

White Label solutions attract many people who want to start a cryptocurrency business, and they guarantee high efficiency and smooth operation. Moreover, choosing a WL option enables newcomers to enter the digital currency market and profit from the promising sphere.


What is a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange?

White Label cryptocurrency exchange is a ready-made platform with inbuilt backend and database tools. Users can tailor an interface to their needs (for instance, add corporate branding and color scheme), making it unique and attractive for traders.

Further, WL platforms combine up-to-date tools that allow users to profit from the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Benefits of a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange

Here are the most valuable advantages of the WL crypto exchanges.

Save Time and Money

White Label software consists of in-built elements that cut expenses and faster deployment. Business owners can save money on the future development of the platform.

Moreover, White Label crypto exchange solutions are adequately tested and adaptive to customization. This is why newcomers need not have a team of qualified testers and specific software.

Easy to Customize

White Label cryptocurrency exchange has a simple and intuitive interface that can be customized without any involvement with servers.

You can easily re-brand the platform, including changing the logo and design layout. It provides a more efficient marketing process and complements the crypto exchange with the corporate image.

Quick to Deploy

As mentioned above, the core of the WL solution is a market-ready platform, obviating business owners’ need to build the crypto exchange from scratch. All you need is to pay the initial fee, install and customize your own digital currency company.

A Reliable Solution

Many providers of the White Label products develop their functions and features according to the customers’ feedback. This assures users that they get an exchange with stable performance and usability.

No Technical Expertise Required

The ready-made tools allow you to create the best White Label cryptocurrency exchange per your requirements. You do not need to have expertise in crypto since employees of the provider company do all the work for you.

These benefits make WL solutions an excellent choice for newcomers as they gain a massive adoption worldwide. Still, some key things need to be analyzed before launching the White Label platform.

What are the things to be considered while building a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange?

  • Country where the exchange will be registered: rules of setting up the crypto platform differ from country to country. Moreover, each jurisdiction determines specific tax and legal regulations.
  • Relevant regulatory conditions: detailed assessment of regulation rules in different jurisdictions is vital for your crypto business. For example, you must pay attention to a set of permits and KYC/AML regulations to operate an exchange.
  • Type of the cryptocurrency exchange: you may choose a centralized, decentralized, peer-to-peer, or hybrid solution.

Another key point to building your own White Label digital currency exchange is the latter. You may choose from fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto options. In the first case, you must cooperate with a payment processing provider. There are two essential indicators of a reliable partner:

  • The number of crypto assets to be integrated is one of the most important features when talking about the trader-oriented platform. The more popular coins or tokens are available on your exchange, the more users you will obtain.
  • Security measures have a paramount priority, so provide your clients with top-notch tools for better security. For example, integrate two-factor authentication and fraud monitoring.

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