What Is MOT?
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What Is MOT?

What Is MOT?

MOT was introduced in 1960 and the Ministry of test MOT was the Government Department that was responsible for roads. The cars over three years old must pass a test. The purpose of this test is to ensure that the car is road-worthy and meets the standards of the road to drive on.  This test involves several checks of your car i.e., exhaust emission, brakes, fuel system, lights, and many other checks just to make sure your car is safe and worthy for the roads of the UK. It prevents you from driving the faulty car as well as ensures the safety of the public. This test covers small cars to the biggest lorries. These tests are carried out by the specialized DVSA registered drivers.

Classes of MOT

There are different classes of MOT ranges from class 1 to class 7. The class of MOT depends on the class of your vehicle. MOT class 4 covers all small cars, small vans, and motor caravans weighed up to 3,000 kgs. For most of the four-wheeled vehicles that have a seating capacity of 8 passengers and weigh up to 3,000 kgs, MOT class 4 is required. Class 4 Mot is the standard MOT. Class 7 MOT is for trucks and lorries.

How MOT is performed

MOT test is performed by specialized drivers. These drivers are registered by DVSA (Drivers and vehicles standards Agency) and are carried out at authorized test centers. This test includes checking VIN (vehicle identification number), number plates, lights, seats, fuel system, wheels, exhaust system, brakes, and many more components but does not cover engine, gearbox, and clutch, etc. This test takes almost 45 to 60 minutes but requires you to drop your car off in the morning. If your vehicle fails the MOT, the repairs need to be made which will take longer, probably 2 or 3 days.

What if your car fails MOT?

Once the car fails the test, the center gives you certificates that will show you the reasons for failure. If the car has major faults, the car owner is not allowed to drive the car unless he is driving to the garage to have the faults fixed, or if the previous MOT has not expired yet. Driving a vehicle without an MOT certificate can cause three penalties on your license, be banned from driving, and can be fined up to £2500.

MOT Retest

All the major and dangerous faults mentioned on your VT30, need to be fixed. After fixing all damages, you have to arrange a retest. Before driving on the roads again, your car must have to pass that retest. If you leave the vehicle for repairs to the center, you will get the retest within 10 days and for free.

To drive safely on the roads of the UK, you must have an MOT certificate. It is illegal to drive a car with an expired MOT unless you have already booked an MOT test and taking it to the center. It is suggested to keep your vehicle maintained. Take your vehicle for services weekly to perform better on the test.

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