Top Study Tips for GCSE English and Maths Students
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Top Study Tips for GCSE English and Maths Students

Top Study Tips for GCSE English and Maths Students

Every student wishes to achieve good grades in his / her exams. Surely nothing can beat hard work, especially in the field of education, but learning can surely be made easier and more interesting. Doing so will not only help in scoring good grades but also turn learning into joy, saving the students from the sleepless nights before examinations and declaration of results. 

Through this blog, we aim to make this journey a bit simple for the students. 

The tips given will surely help you in achieving success in your examinations, and you will come out with flying colors. 

  • Know what to study: The first and foremost basic step before proceeding further is to know and understand what you have to study. Whether it is English or mathematics, it is necessary that you write down the whole syllabus, make categories and subcategories out of it, and then figure out the portions which would take longer time and the ones which would take less. By doing so, you will be able to divide your time properly and cover all the portions of the course. Also, while dividing, write the average weight age each topic carries. This will help you in knowing which areas need comparatively more attention than others.
  • Prepare revision notes: It is essential that you go through the whole textbook yourself and prepare your own revision notes. The reason being you will not only understand the topic thoroughly but also it will remain in your mind for a longer period of time. You can create mind maps or pointers for the topics which would help you in revising the whole syllabus before the examinations in a short time span. Arrange your notes topic wise, create handouts or flashcards, or simply use sticky notes. Keep revising them at regular intervals of time. After making the notes, revise them within 24 hours, then in 48 hours and then in a week and then twice in a month. This technique will help you in retaining the information for longer time periods.
  • Try to make your learning interesting: If you think that you can mug up the textbook and remember the exact details of every topic, then you are using a wrong approach. Sample it yourself, do you remember the exact details of the movie which is your favorite or of the one which you hate or do not like? Obviously, you would remember the minute details of things which you find interesting. Learning or education is nothing different. So, try to incorporate some fun methods in your approach. For example, you can take online quizzes for mathematics and English. You can enact the dramas or poems of English in your class where you portray a certain character; it will help you in understanding in detail the nature of that character. You can plan group studies where each member of the group can take up a particular topic and explain it to the rest of the group or make a quiz or test on it. This method will help as teaching the other students or planning something for others helps us in understanding the minute details which may have been ignored. 
  • Professional guidance: If you think that you are considered weak in any particular topic, or you are not able to understand the basic concepts, then there is no harm in taking some professional guidance. Sometimes the teacher’s teaching method may not match with the ways in which we understand. Also, many-a-times it happens that teachers are not able to give personal attention to the requirements of the students. So, in such a situation, it is a good idea to study from a tutor. Since English and maths are compulsory subjects, it is a good idea to take English and maths tuitions in Brentwood as the command over these two subjects can help you to boost your score immensely. Also, there are some of the best tutors in Brentwood who can help you with these subjects.
  • Practice test papers: Practice makes a man perfect and practicing the previous year question papers can give you an idea regarding the format of the examination and can also help you in managing your time effectively. Make the best use of the old papers, solve them at regular intervals, and this will also boost up your confidence so that you don’t enter the examination hall with shaking hands and legs.

Start following these simple tricks, and you will be able to see the change in your grades and don’t keep it a secret, share with your friends and classmates and help them too in achieving good grades.

All the best! 

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