The Benefits of Remote Proctoring for Online Exams
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The Benefits of Remote Proctoring for Online Exams

The Benefits of Remote Proctoring for Online Exams

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has transformed almost every aspect of our lives, even education.

Exams now take place almost entirely online. This presents educators with some new challenges. For example, how do you prevent cheating and collaboration when the student is taking the exam from home?

Thankfully, remote proctoring can ensure that your tests are being taken properly. Here are some advantages of using an online proctoring system for your exams.

Increase the Validity of Exams

If you want to maintain the integrity and validity of your exams, you should consider online proctoring. During the pandemic, many online exams have been deemed invalid due to students cheating.

With online proctoring, you have access to data that proves whether or not a specific student has cheated. This means if suspicions of cheating do arise, you can figure out exactly who it was, without having to declare the whole exam invalid.

Without online proctoring, there’s simply no way to prove that your online exam was valid. Online proctoring can prove if someone was looking at another screen or using another tab in their internet browser.

Prevent Open Book Exams

For many exams, writing an “open book” style exam simply isn’t an option. For example, consider a math exam where the candidates could simply look up the answers online.

When an open book format simply doesn’t work for your test, the only way to do an online exam is to use online proctoring software. This is the only way to ensure that students can’t simply look their answers up in a book or on the internet.

Prevent Collaboration

Another big problem with online exams is students collaborating with each other. For example, students might make a WhatsApp group in which they share the answers with other people.

Sure, you might be able to use plagiarism checkers to detects this kind of thing, but when collaboration is done carefully, it’s tough to detect.

On the other hand, if you use online proctoring software, the system will be able to tell if the student is participating in a group chat. You’ll have all the evidence you’ll need to prove whether or not someone has cheated on a test.

More Convenient Exams

Remote invigilation is about more than simply catching people cheating. It’s also a great way for you to make taking tests more convenient.

Taking exams is often a stressful process. Not only do you need to worry about studying and passing, but you also need to worry about making it on time to the exam location.

With remote test-taking, this isn’t a problem. You can simply have your students sign on from the comfort of their own homes and take the exam without any travel difficulties.

This takes away a lot of stress from the exam and allows your students to focus on what matters: studying for the test. Read more about online proctoring here.

Try Remote Proctoring

The pandemic may have changed the way we take exams forever. If you’re going to do online tests, it’s important that you have remote proctoring to ensure their legitimacy.

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