How Educating The Women of The World Can Benefit The Society
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How Educating The Women of The World Can Benefit The Society

How Educating The Women of The World Can Benefit The Society

It has been seen that in conventional times, almost all the women were considered as homemakers who were just born to cook the food and clean homes. But in the current era, this notion has been totally nullified. Yes, now also in some countries, male dominance is still enforced. But in this male dominant society, if steps could be taken to empower women of the world, then it will be benignant for the whole world.

We have already seen that in some countries the women are restricted to get educated and get married before 15 years of age. And in some countries and places women have never been admitted to schools and educational institutions. undoubtedly, the countries where women are considered inferior to men, those countries will never get succeed. Banishing the male chauvinist thinking from the society will help the women of the world to lead the nation to the path of progress. 

The first step for empowering the women starts with education the women. If the girls are still facing the persecution, torture, and oppression from their family members to live a life they don’t want to live, then it is the time to fight back for their snatched rights. The girls should fight for their rights and be an influencer for other girls by spreading guidance about importance of women education or by writing importance of women education essays. This way women of the world will get all their rights. 

It is very important that girls must fight from the early phase only when their parents oppress their rights to pursue education. If the girls will learn how to get all their privileges at an early stage, they will be safe in their future life. 

It’s high time to speak out for the girl’s right to education. Let us know how the educated women of the country can help in success of the country – 

#  Education helps the women to earn money and enter the workforce – If the women will be educated, then it is really helpful for a woman to survive further in their life. As we have witnessed that women suffer from various problems when they get married such as no financial security, abusive relationships. The women who are uneducated often oppress her selves to live that unprivileged life. Imagine if the girls will be educated, they will not have to live that life. The educated women will never live the slavery life and will leave as they can stand up themselves financially. So, we must take initiatives to educate the women of the world for their welfare. 

# Educated women are less confined to die while giving birth to a child – There are so many children who are living their life without the love of their mothers. The mothers die while giving birth to their off springs. The main reason behind these maternal deaths is that women are not aware of how to take care of themselves when they are pregnant. The women often get pregnant at the age of 15, 16 in the conservative countries when they get married in 13 and 14 years of age. The girls do not have proper guidance at an early age about maternity pains and maternity period. That is why these incidents happen. The only solution to this problem is spreading awareness among these people for not getting their girls married when they are immature.  The women must be educated first and they should be imparted proper guidance on how to take care of their health. 

# women education can reduce child mortality rates – Child mortality rates mean child deaths who are below the age of 4 or 5. These deaths are called as prenatal deaths, infancy deaths. The child mortality rates increased in the past years when the women were not educated. The main causes of these deaths are malnutrition or under nutrition, pre-birth complications, diarrhea, pneumonia. The mothers are generally not aware of these things when they are not properly educated, that’s why the number of deaths increases. If the women will be educated, the child mortality rates can be reduced. 

# An educated mother can improve child’s nutrition – It has been proved by UNESCO, that if the major part of the women will get the secondary education, the child nutrition can be improved to a great deal. It has been proved statistically that a number of children almost around 13 million die out of malnutrition every year in the world due to the fact the mothers do not have proper guidance and awareness of how to get nutrition from food. So, if a mother will be educated, she can provide better nutrition to their offsprings. 

We will take an example of a woman who is an Olympic winner in Boxing and is Indian. Her name is Mary Kom. She is the only lady who has cracked the record by winning six times in the boxing championship. Also, she got 8 medals in the boxing game. She has achieved a lot but if we will look back in her life, we can see that she is born and brought up in a very mediocre family. She was born in a village named as Kangathei Village, in district Manipur, India. She was from a very poor family. Her parents were farmers. But Mary had an interest in Boxing and she always tried to learn athletics and boxing in her schooling life. She left her home at the age of 15 and she concentrated on boxing. As her father was very conservative, she kept back the secret from her father that she is into boxing. However, the truth was revealed when her father saw her photo in newspaper. 

This is just a glance of women who struggled and fought back for her rights and passions without fear from the world. All the women must follow her and must take initiatives to spend their lives the way they want. 

So, let’s join our efforts to educate the women of the universe as it will not only benefit the women but it will be benignant to the people and country too.

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