Everything You Need To Know About The GRE
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Everything You Need To Know About The GRE

Everything You Need To Know About The GRE

Graduate Examination Exam or GRE is an important exam that will measure your competencies in quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and your ability to write in a logical way. General GRE exam assesses these capacities in the general topics & not in the specific fields, look for GRE institute in Mumbai that offers the best learning in your preferred field.

Types of GRE

Right now, there are 2 kinds of GRE. One is computer-based that is been administered through the computer and another one is GRE paper-based that is printed. In the majority of the countries, GRE available is computer-based. Thus, you can take the GRE paper-based exam if you are living in a country where there aren’t enough technological resources for taking this exam through the computer. The candidates who are interested can take general GRE or GRE focused on the specific subjects. There are many GRE classes in Mumbai that offer paper-based in the following fields:

  • Biology
  • Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology
  • English Literature
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Math

Different Sections of GRE

The GRE exam includes 3 sections. The first section of this exam is about Analytical Writing. The main purpose is evaluating your ability to support and analyze complex ideas, evaluate and construct arguments, and maintain a coherent and focused discussion about the academic subject.

The second section is about Verbal reasoning. It aims in knowing your skills for synthesizing written information, comprehending and evaluating written material, analyzing sentences and learning concepts and words in English.

The last section of this exam is the Quantitative Reasoning. It will measure your capacity and ability to understand different math concepts in 4 areas: geometry, arithmetic, statistics, and algebra.

So, it’s very important to highlight both in the Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections, and questions are adaptive, for more details visit IMFS to get a complete overview.

GRE Exam Length

Completing the computer-based GRE exam can take you 3-1/2 hours. You have just 60 minutes to complete your Analytical Writing Section. From those, you are given 30 min to write both the tasks. Then, you will begin with your Verbal reasoning section, which is divided into two of 35 minutes parts, where you will need to answer over 50 questions. Lastly, you have to do Quantitative Reasoning section that has got two 40 min parts where you need to answer around 50 questions.

GRE Exam Scores

The Quantitative Reasoning & Verbal Reasoning sections in GRE will be scored on the scale of 130 to 170. In the meantime, scores for the Analytical Writing section will be given on the scale of 0 to 6. Generally, academic institutions do not establish a minimum GRE score for applying to the postgraduate programs, since GRE results are the complement to admissions requirements.

The validity of Your GRE scores

When you complete your exam, you can check non-official score results of your Quantitative Reasoning & Verbal Reasoning in its test center. The official results, which include the Analytical Writing section score, will be made available on the internet between 10 to 15 days after taking an exam. It’s very important to know that, while registering for GRE, you may ask the results to go through four academic institutions. Scores obtained in your GRE have the validity of 5 years.

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