5 Top Tips to Help Motivate Students When It Comes To Home Learning?
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5 Top Tips to Help Motivate Students When It Comes To Home Learning?

5 Top Tips to Help Motivate Students When It Comes To Home Learning?

An international pandemic that has swept across the world, the effects of this new strain of virus are ever apparent in the surrounding community. As we enter into the second month of lockdown, many parents are struggling when it comes to inspiring students during lockdown.

With motivation levels at a new low and with the changes to their education becoming more apparent, continuing to inspire and enforce this new way of digital learning is important.

What was before a difficult task even within the classroom surrounded by friends and a supportive teacher, the task of learning and revision is even more challenging now at home.

Keep reading to discover how to begin inspiring students during lockdown and the simple steps to make learning fun for all.

Effects of homeschooling on students throughout the lockdown?

Overnight, the way in which our children receive their education instantly changed. With schools in the UK shut overnight, the effects of Coronavirus will be long lasting and seen for years to come. With schools and institutions rapidly rushing to create a response system and discover how they can continue to teach and support pupils whilst homeschooling in lockdown, these effects and the rise of digital resources will continue well into the future.

The effects already witnessed within the education system and the way in which pupils receive their resources and that is through the use of digitalised materials. Along with the digital creation of textbooks, materials and classes, the set up of virtual classrooms and one to ones with pupils has been born out of the need for face to face interactions to promote and enforce the lesson at hand.

This digitalised method of teaching can ensure that structured learning is continued while attempting to inspire students throughout the tough lockdown that we are all encountering.

Top 5 tips for inspiring students during lockdown

Tip 1 – Create a separate learning environment

Create a separate learning space for students. What may at first appear a simple step, if you have yet to have created a separate learning space for your child, now is the time to do so. If your child is struggling with motivation when it comes to their studies, first evaluate their learning environment. Is it separate from the rest of the house and free of distractions?

A simple, open and bright area where they can fully immerse themselves in the class at hand can ensure that they are able to fully comprehend the class and lessons given by their teacher.

Through the placing of them in a separate area, they are able to remove themselves from their makeshift classroom at regular intervals as a much needed break.

Tip 2 –  Enforce a routine

Create a routine. A valuable and essential addition to the daily lives of our children, the feature of a routine can help create and turn them into well rounded strong individuals later in life. This feature of a routine into their day can help when it comes to inspiring students during lockdown. By starting their school day at the same time every day and splitting their classes into even chunks with a much needed break in between, you can inspire and motivate them when their energy runs low.

Through the reminding of a near approaching break or the close end of an un-enjoyable class, they can continue to develop with the task at hand.

Consider sitting down for an hour in the morning, splitting the time between maths and English. For parents who are finding the task of motivating their children, particularly challenging, it is also recommended that you find a particular subject that they are passionate about. If the students are interested and excited about a subject, they will instantly engage more with the lesson ahead of them.

Tip 3 – Offer rewards

A third top tip for inspiring students during lockdown and that is to offer rewards. If students are attempting to continue with their school’s curriculum from their home, this progression with their studies can be enhanced through the incorporation of a reward.

Why should students continue with the topic ahead of them? By enticing them with playtime or an extra five minutes in front of the TV at the end of the day for answering the questions correctly, you could see extra levels in commitment. If you are planning on organising a reading hour, why not take the class outdoors as a reward. Along with allowing them to read in an open and calming environment, this treat can inspire and motivate them with their reading.

If an outdoor space for rewarding pupils during their reading activities is not an option, consider an hour of art in the afternoon to split up different subjects or a visit to the local park. This much needed break along with allowing them to get creative can give them the rest and respite that they require.

Tip 4 – Consider practise papers

Another top tip for inspiring students during lockdown and that is to imitate classes and follow  practice papers. This tip is valuable for older students, particularly those approaching their GCSE’s. The completion of practise papers can allow them to advance in their studies while preparing them for future exams. By following past papers, along with following the layout of a home tuition layout, it could even prove valuable in a higher exam pass rate when exams are finally taken.

Tip 5 – Experiment with lesson plans

The final of our recommended 5 tips for inspiring students during lockdown and that is to get experimental with classes. Education doesn’t necessarily require to be completed in front of the laptop or in front of a book. Pupils can learn and expand their knowledge by going outside. Whether a walk in the park watching the blooming of trees and plants that takes place during spring, to a mindful walk through the woods naming and spotting the various different species of birds. By going outdoors watching nature or getting their hands dirty with pots of paints and a canvas, pupils can learn and express themselves while developing through first hand knowledge, the best form of education available.


As the UK lockdown due to COVID-19 progresses, the motivation of students nationwide equally reduces. With motivation at an all time low, parents are looking for new and innovative ways to continue inspiring students during lockdown.

From conjuring up exciting and fresh lesson ideas and creating a set routine, you can continue to rein in some control and ensure that they can continue with the curriculum in place.

The addition of rewards and the inclusion of past papers can motivate the most unresponsive and uninterested of pupils to persevere with their lesson while motivating them to fully focus and correctly answer the asked questions.

Have you attempted incorporating these five top tips for inspiring pupils during the COVID-19 lockdown into your routine? We would love to hear from you and hear your experience of homeschooling and educating your children during these tough and unprecedented times. Comment below and share your experience with us today.

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