Drive SEO Success with Keyword Mapping
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Drive SEO Success with Keyword Mapping

Drive SEO Success with Keyword Mapping

You must be familiar with the term keyword mapping. What does it really mean? How does it improve your SEO efforts? 

Curious to find the answers to these questions? Then you cannot afford to skip reading this blog. Today, we will explore the concept and relevance of keyword mapping. Let’s find it out then. 

Keyword Mapping – An Overview 

Keyword mapping is considered to be the art of finding search intent. Search intent is the reason someone is checking Google. Search term, also known as the keyword phrase, is what people enter into the search bar. 

Google will rank the pages on the basis of specific URLs. Each of the URLs has to be optimized with and relevant for the target keywords so as to occupy a rank. A keyword cluster consists of the main keyword or the focus keyword that describes the subject of the page along with several keyword variations and supporting keywords.

The relevance of Keyword Mapping

According to any experienced digital marketing agency India and abroad, keyword mapping is a great tool to spill SEO success in today’s competitive digital realm. Supporting keywords and variations spread around your web page content will make Google understand the intent of the page and feature it when someone searches for a similar product/service.

Now, there can be hundreds of supporting keywords for a single keyword. It’s not possible to use all of them. So, how to classify the keywords and distribute them across the website? This is where keyword mapping comes to play. We will explore this in the following section.  

Easy Guide to Keyword Mapping 

Keyword Research 

This is no brain teaser – keyword research is the very first step to keyword mapping. However, you need to determine a specific strategy while researching keywords. 

Short-Tail and Long-Tail

Broadly categorized, there are two types of keywords – short-tail and long-tail. An example will clarify this. If you have e-store selling shoes, you can use the short-tail keyword “shoes”. The problem is that you may never occupy a top rank with such a keyword. It’s better to focus on long-tail keywords that are more specific. 

The advantage of long-tail keywords is that they are less competitive. So you can expect to bid for them at a low cost and also occupy a high rank to earn visibility. 

Search Volume 

Just because you can come up with lots of keyword variations, you need not use all of them. Take your research one step further and check the search volume for the keywords. This will give you an idea of which keyword can generate the maximum amount of traffic. You can seek the assistance of any well-known keyword research tool such as Ahrefs, Moz, Keyword Tool, etc.


Content relevance is an important aspect to earn Google’s trust and web traffic. Google (or any other search engine for that matter) understands the relevance of a piece of content by crawling the content and analyzing the keywords to get the main idea of the content. 

Therefore, you must ensure that the keywords you pick have proper relevance. If you select a topical subject (say, the Black Friday Sale) for a web page, “Black Friday Sale 2020” can be a target keyword for the page content. Again, if you are publishing generic content that’s evergreen all the time, use keywords that generate traffic always. 

If you offer a service locally, optimize your website with local SEO services. Make sure that your keywords content the nearby area names to drive awareness and visibility. 

Grouping Keywords 

Once you have determined which keywords to use, group them as per their intent. While grouping, make sure not to stuff keywords. Now, select one keyword from the group and use it in the URL. 

Generate Content 

The final step is to generate content around the keywords. Other than optimizing your web page content, make sure to write blogs around the keywords. You can also research and add more keywords to your list. Make sure that they carry similar intent so that the search engine bot can easily understand the intent of your brand. If you don’t have enough time to write valuable content, ensure to hire a top SEO agency. The professionals will research keywords and experienced content writers will write high-end content for your business. 

Way Forward

When it comes to keyword mapping, there’s no set-and-forget thing. You have to keep researching for keywords, checking the search volume, determining short and long-tail keywords, and continuing the rest of the steps to earn rank and organic web traffic. However, the results that you earn from these are worth all the effort.

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SEO Basics 1263