Types and Benefits Associated with Mixer Pumps
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Types and Benefits Associated with Mixer Pumps

Types and Benefits Associated with Mixer Pumps

It is without saying that the mechanization and automation of concrete mixing and pouring processes have significantly helped to revolutionize the building industry. Nowadays, just about all construction sites utilize some sort of concrete mixing and concrete pumping machines. But perhaps probably the most popular bits of construction tools are the concrete mixer pump. As you may have inferred through the name, this is a machine that integrates the functions of your traditional concrete mixer and concrete pump. This equipment will be able to complete the feeding, mixing, and pumping processes on itself.

There are plenty of advantages that can come with this type of arrangement and contractors take notice. The concrete mixer pump became one of the fastest-selling products in the marketplace. On the whole, a mixer pump enables you to raise the efficiency of construction by up to 6 times, reduce construction costs, and increase construction speed.

Forms of Concrete Mixer Pumps

Basically, the two main main forms of concrete mixer pumps depending on the type of engine employed to drive them:

– Electric concrete mixer pump

Most of these mixer pumps count on a power motor. Thus, great for construction sites that have accessibility to a continuing and stable source of power. As they tend to be more green, their use has limitations to the option of electricity. However, in the presence of adequate power, the electric concrete mixer offers stable performance and reliability.

Types and Benefits Associated with Mixer Pumps

– Diesel concrete mixer pump

Most of these mixer pumps use a combustion engine, which means they can be utilized in virtually any location no matter the availability of electricity. It possesses a higher pumping capacity in comparison to the electric version. Purchasing a diesel cement mixer pump offers your small business more flexibility and it is possible to consider a wider variety of projects.

Features of a Concrete Mixer Pump

– High Pumping Capacity

Concrete mixer pumps are ideal for small to medium-scale construction projects. The mixer pumps possess a pumping capacity starting from 20 m3/h -60m3/h which happens to be adequate to meet the criteria of the projects. You will find a constant availability of concrete without needing to be worried about shortages and delays.

– Ease of Use

The concrete mixer pump posseses an easy-to-use design and utilizes advanced technology to automate most of the processes. You can easily learn how to use the equipment and two personnel are enough to function the appliance.

– Wide variety of Application

Due to the small compact design, the concrete mixer pump may be positioned in just about any construction site that it will be tough to use a traditional fully-fledged concrete mixer and concrete pump. The accessibility of space won’t be a major concern using this piece of machinery.

Diesel models can even be easily transported to even the most remote locations and offer high end and reliability.

– Long Service Life

Quality concrete mixer pumps are constructed with industrial-grade materials to withstand the tough construction environments and they have less moving parts which means little maintenance is going to be required.

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