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Mainland Company Formation In Dubai: How Is It A Good Decision?

Mainland Company Formation In Dubai: How Is It A Good Decision?

Setting up a new business comes with a wholesome amount of excitement and requires lots of preparation. It takes a unique idea and the right support to turn that into reality. Forming a company is a draining task. If the location is Dubai, it becomes even tougher as there is a lot of paperwork you need to accomplish for a business setup in Dubai. There are many options to choose from. For instance, you can go for a mainland company formation, or choose to form a free zone or LLC company. In this blog, I will be discussing the handsome benefits of a mainland company setup in UAE.

Opting for a mainland company formation in Dubai under DED offers good amounts of freedom and flexibility to businesses. However, one needs to be very careful and make right decisions to ensure future success. After inspecting all the aspects, if you choose to go for a mainland company setup, here’s what you can expect:

Freedom to Expand

All the businesses have their plans and strategies of growth and success. As a mainland company owner, you get great opportunities to grow and succeed. You can trade internationally too and reach a wider group of consumers. If you are already a brand and looking forward to setting up a branch in UAE, a  mainland company formation in Dubai must be your first choice. Even if you are just starting, you never know how things will go ahead and when you get a chance to expand your business worldwide. There might be a time when a certain part of the world may need the products you manufacture in large numbers. A mainland license will be there by your side in that case too. You may feel like setting up a branch in other countries too after figuring out the demand. A mainland company will be your first step in this direction.

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No Location Constraints

Setting up a business in Dubai mainland means you can trade anywhere, with anyone in the country without worrying about a permission. While other options come with their shares of restrictions, a mainland company knows no restrictions which makes it the most preferred option for a business setup in Dubai. You can literally choose any trade option without thinking twice. However, there are some formalities to be done while setting up a mainland company. You can seek help from a dependable business setup company and complete the process.

Flexibility & Diversification

A mainland company offers significant scope for businesses to evolve. Also, these companies come with more flexibility in terms of administration. The administrative process faster, smoother, easier, and less restrictive if you compare it to that of free zone companies. A mainland company will also open doors for opportunities of setting up more branches in the other parts of UAE as location won’t be something to think over again and again.

Supportive Visa Policies

Choosing a mainland company setup in UAE means ability to apply for as many visas as required. You can actually apply for an unlimited number of visas. However, you must remember that you will need sufficient office space according to the number of visas you apply for, which is usually 100 square feet per visa. The requirement of extra workspace can also be negotiated by hiring employees for remote work as they won’t need an extra office space.

Government Projects

This one may be a game changer for a business if things worked out. Government projects are usually big, consume a lot of time, and offer big benefits. Getting one government project is equal to multiple private or third-party ones. If your company manufacturers products or offers services that match the requirements of government projects, you can get a few lucrative contracts from the UAE government and place your business in an advantageous position. Getting government contracts will also add to the reputation of your business and help you stand apart and leave your competitors behind. And, if you get to establish good relations with Dubai’s authorities, it is going to benefit you in long run.

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