Interesting Luxury Shaped Chocolate Boxes for you
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Interesting Luxury Shaped Chocolate Boxes for you

Interesting Luxury Shaped Chocolate Boxes for you

Chocolates are sweets and people drool over them, versioning and branding of chocolates need invigorating and impeccable boxes. Such cartons protect them, appeal them and express the emotional feelings attached to the chocolates. At events, you can use branded box, and appeal the emotions of love. For instance, at valentines, Christmas and Easters, you can use thematic cartons and grabs the attention of customers. Here are few luxurious box styles, you should opt for chocolates.

chocolate gift boxes


Pillow shape boxes

It is a unique pillow-like shape, it has two opening and closing ends, these are handy, convenient, and catchy. You can add a window in it and append extra value in the box. Through window the flavor of the chocolate is visible. Hence, this luxurious style packaging is best set for the gifts of chocolates. These are made up of cardboard, corrugated and paper material.  However, one can obtain high-end finishing options and multiple coatings on a single box.

Gable shape cartons

Gable is another luxury shape that is more useful for food and cosmetic items. However, chocolates big and large size packets are placed in them. Again, window gable boxes are used for the gifts and displaying on the shelves. For chocolates, you can order small size gable shape holders. These are also made up of cardboard, it has high end finishing options and luxurious look.

Window boxes for chocolates

Either it is gable, pillow or any other shape, window patching is possible. Mostly, for chocolates, consumers love only two types of boxes;

  1. Gable bag shape boxes
  2. The window die cut and PVC glued boxes

Such boxes append visibility and mitigate suboptimal designs. However, you can add a window in 2 pieces, 1 piece, 1-2-3 bottom, and any vivid box.

Triangular shape holders

Such boxes resemble the geometrical shape, a triangle has three sides, and these are pie-like shape boxes. With matte, UV coating and gloss UV; triangular boxes become opulent and fine for the chocolates. However, you can avail small to large size triangular boxes as per the requirement of the product. For luxury, you, edges of the box are foiled and make attractive.

1 piece and 2 piece boxes

These are also called single sheet made, separate lid and separate bottom boxes respectively. 1 piece’s boxes are costlier and you can add a window in them. So, now you can present chocolate gifts to loved ones in these valuable styles. You can please your friends at parties, birthdays, carnivals and weddings.

Chocolate boxes for gifts

All boxes are equally used for the gift purpose when decorated. There are two methods for the decoration; the first one is self-decoration and the second is through customization. Add embellished items, ribbons, buttons, glitters, greeting cards and whatever you want for the decoration. After putting delicious chocolates in them, such cartons are so-called chocolate boxes for gifts.

Packaging for chocolate boxes

Packaging engineers iterated the importance of personalized packaging. For chocolates, you can have printed inner and outer surfaces and place the photo of your friend or his name. By doing this, he will feel special and never forget your surprise. So, quality packaging that is protective, communicative, decorated, and appealing is liked by everyone.

Chocolate subscriptions boxes

For monthly, weekly quarterly and yearly subscription of chocolate boxes get delivered at your doorstep. A variety of chocolate in a box makes all of us joyous and crazy.

All the above-mentioned boxes are the luxury styles that are being used for the food and sweets packaging. you can order such boxes here Packaging Bee. Just fill this form and get a quote right away.

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