If White Is Your Favorite Color, Apply These 5 Window Treatment Ideas
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If White Is Your Favorite Color, Apply These 5 Window Treatment Ideas

If White Is Your Favorite Color, Apply These 5 Window Treatment Ideas

Haven’t you dreamt of airy rooms that bring customized natural light? When you apply elegant custom drapes on the casements, the look seems to be inviting to the viewers. Curtains and drapes, whether luxury or comfortable, add definite pieces of décor to the beauty of a room. And to appeal to the righteous element, color combination matters the most. The article discusses the application of white color in the home décor, which defines peace, harmony, and calmness. Window treatments in the bedrooms need delicacy that nurtures your mood and adds a playful environment. Here are some of the white color appreciation you can use in your bedrooms.

Opaque White Pleats

Luxury curtains and drapes of white color are simply awesome for any room. But when you are trying to make your bedroom fascinating, it is crucial to add drama to it. A high-end white curtain that falls from the ceiling covers all the points seamlessly. If you have not-so-big windows and do not want to start from the décor, white curtains can prove to be perfect for the view. The act will enhance the window frame and bring the galore in front.

People with knowledge of drapes even build pleats on them that help you attract your guests. Plain pleats on white drapes seem common, but it also helps you pull a classy attitude at the end.

White Blended With Red

Red depicts various sides of human emotions. In some places it is the color of love, in others, it’s the color of vengeance. People of California love the mix and apply the combination at various places.

Applying red and white curtains as a window treatment in the bedroom adds an element of contrast to it. Your bedroom symbolizes tour freedom yet in privacy. The combination of red and white on your casements can also help you explain the same. A white part of the sheer brings a light mood and freedom, whereas red provides privacy to the home décor.

Frills on White Curtains

White curtains with frills add a playful nature to the bedrooms. One can use elegant white drapes in the custom manner in the kids’ room. The white color makes the room appear breathable where kids can play and later sleep in peace. You can utilize the element of frills on the top as detailing.

Although all-white can make the surroundings monotonous, you can break that using tiny derails in structure, texture, and design. The final appearance will elevate a lot of interest and fun for the kids.

Self-Designed Whites

You may think, you are not an interior designer, but the fact is that uncommon designs make a space more enticing. Use semitransparent drapes as window treatment letting the exact amount of natural light in your room. Apply your self-design here making the bedroom curtains look more elegant. The bedroom walls pull on an extension of texture that makes the different elements look connected. The full-length white color curtains that cover an entire wall in your bedroom help you state that the space is more inviting than stuffy.

Apply the Unusual

People of Los Angeles like drama. An Angeleno enjoys exotic beaches, bungalow sprawls, Hollywood, and other things in their daily life. This fact helps them embrace the unusual and produces a dominant visual experience.

Applying a retracted design with your white bedroom curtains helps you draw a scenario of a projector screen. The fixture of heavy drapes serves as an ultimate modern look that is operational too. The sides of the curtain fixture bring in a soft glow of light while maintaining complete privacy at the same time after pulling down the curtains.


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